About Company



IPI was established in 1972 by Mr. Budihardjo Chandra, the late Mr. Chew Beow Beng, and the late Mr. William Tiopan. It was the first corrugated box company in North Sumatra and the third in Indonesia.

With more than 30 years of continuous development and improvement, IPI is today well recognized as a leading manufacturer of packaging products in Indonesia. It started as a small manufacturer with around 40 employees. After growing many folds, IPI eventually outgrew its old facility and moved to a 25,000 sq meter site on the Medan Industrial Estate.


Winning customers' confidence and support is the key of this rapid growth.

At IPI, we constantly develop better ways to serve our customers, achieving ever higher level of quality consistency and on-time delivery. As evidence of our commitment towards quality and service, by 2007, we have developed our pre-press department into a full service packaging development team, and hence upgraded to ISO 9001:2008 accreditation.

In June 2001, IPI establish a folding carton manufacturing plant. This marked IPI's move into inner packaging, providing a more complete packaging solution to many customers.

We use best in class corrugator from Germany that produces consistent, strong fluting at high speed. The entire line in automated with fast splicing and order change system.

Printing and folding are completed on Martin presses with automatic board feeder. The presses are capable of very accurate registry of prints. There is also dust cleaning system to clean dust off the surface before print. We invest in the best presses available to achieve highest quality print and fold.

In folding carton manufacturing, we also invest best in class machinery such as Speedmaster from Heidelberg and Evoline from Bobst. The plant has a full in-house prepress system and team to ensure better quality.

Our consistently well formed flutes provide better support and dimensional stability.

Corrugated boxes is no longer dull, with our true multicolor capability.

Many combination of flutes, up to triple wall are available, giving you the best protection needed.

Our Vision

To be the leading integrated packaging manufacturer in Indonesia.

Our Mission

To provide the Indonesian market with reliable packaging solution, based on quality service and product that is favoured by all customers and consistent across the nation.

Our Core Value